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anyseals - your partner for shaft seals with an impressive availability from stock.

Our most standard KEY logo seal in the anyseals assortment.

Both types OS-A10 and OS-A11 are elastomer coated seals with a flat surface on the OD.

Our OS-A11 offers an additional protection against dust or other substances entering from the outside. For both types we have over 4.400 sizes available directly from stock. Metric or Inch and this in NBR or FKM materials.

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If you need a strong metal press fit on OD, we are able to offer type OS-B10 and OS-C10.

Both types have an elastomer sealing lip and carbon steel outside surface. The closed metal case on the OS-C10 offers a very rigid design and additional protection for the elastomer lip. Both types are also available with extra dust lip. Over 600 sizes available from stock in NBR and FKM and additional sizes are at your disposal on our 24/7 E shop.

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Our Fully elastomer covered F-types are produced for two main application fields.

OS-F10 and OS-F11 can be used when your application reaches higher temperatures (for ex. high speed applications) or requires special chemical resistance. The metal case is fully rubber covered from both sides and the springs are made of stainless steel. This offers high resistance to corrosion. Also available with additional dust lip as type OS-F11. In this range we stock 750 sizes. If your size is not available, please check our OS-A10/A11 range in FKM which could cover your daily needs.

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OS-F10 and OS-F11

Shaft seal with PTFE carbon/graphite filled lip and stainless steel case.

The seal OS-PA31 can handle a pressure of up to 10 bar and offers high chemical and thermal resistance. It has low friction and can be used for high shaft speed. 135 sizes available from stock. Your special requests can be delivered on a 9 weeks lead time.

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OS-N21 is our key logo solution for high pressure seals with elastomer lip.

It’s short spring loaded sealing lip can withstand pressures up to 10 bar (depending on shaft diameter and speed). In addition, this seal has a dust lip which protects your application from external contamination. Both main materials, NBR blue and FKM brown are our standards, Over 700 sizes in stock.

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